Abenaki Chiefs

Past and Present

These are the past and present chiefs who have guided the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi throughout the years. Their names bear testament to our community's rich history and enduring spirit.

1974-1974: Wayne “Chubby” Hoague

1974-1980: Homer St. Francis

1980-1987: Leonard “Blackie” Lampman

1987: Lester Lampman

1987-1996: Homer St. Francis

1996-2012: April St.Francis/Rushlow/Merrill

2012: John Churchill

2012-2013: Carlton “Joe” Bertrand Jr.

2013- 2017: Lawrence “Moose” Lampman

2017: Ronny Burt

2017-2019: Eugene Rich

2019-2022: Richard Menard

2022-2023: Joanne Crawford

2023-Current: Brenda Gagne