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Our current community room, a shared space within the tribal building, has been converted into an extended food pantry to accommodate the 300% increase in community need for emergency hunger relief. Also, even without the space dedicated to the food pantry, the community room is a large open space for tribal gatherings, and not really appropriate for some of the advocacy services we provide. We need funding to convert a small adjacent building on the property to provide a safe, secure space to hold programs for and with women and girls. This has been a long-term plan, but it has been made more urgent by the challenges that have arisen when Covid-19 hit.

We are actively working to find grants to fund this project and hope to have some activity happening in 2023!! This dedicated space will be comfortable and supportive and will also enable us to organize and host a variety of programs, services and activities. The space will house advocacy and direct support programs including violence prevention, intervention and healing; cultural revitalization activities; educational enhancement such as GED classes; and meeting space for our Tribal Women’s Council. Funding received will allow us to fix this building and complete our goal.


We have a Donate page located within the menu of our website. If you donate via the website please comment “for community room”. If you would like to donate for the food pantry please comment “for food pantry” This will allow us to make sure if goes to the proper area you specified.


Thank you in advance for your generosity.


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