The meaning of Cedar to the Abenaki People

~The Meaning of Cedar to the Abenaki People~
We all know that tobacco added to a fire brings our thoughts and prayers to the creator.
Adding Cedar leaves to a fire is also a good medicine as Cedar helps to clear negative energy, such as anger and hate.
I have been adding Cedar to fires hoping that if enough people do this then maybe some of the anger and negative energy around us will dissipate.
People need to find common ground, what brings us together, rather than looking for ways to break us apart.
People with shared history and ancestry are – in a big picture view – all related.
Oral history is also important and when coupled with documented history can tell amazing stories of survival and continuance.
So, add a bit of Cedar to your fires!
Thank you,
Debbie Lavoie

Due to unsettled weather on Saturday, the dedication will be at the Swanton Public Library at the same time 11:00 am. Light refreshments will be served immediately following the celebration.

Please join us to honor this amazing Chief!